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Turn negative into positive

and change your life 

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Mette Corell
Creator and Founder

With over 30 years experience helping, training, and guiding people in different times of their life, I'am going solo.

My approche is to work in a holistic setting

  • 1 person therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • Domestic voilence suvivors 

  • Disability

  • Working with people in a caring role 

  • Greif and Loss 

  • Training and guiding people in multiple settings.

  • Pain management/Fibromyalgia with Cognitive behaviour therapy

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* Bachelor Psychology
* Graduate Diploma of Counselling 
* Practitioner of NLP
* Practitioner of  Time Line       Therapy
  • Graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Psychology.

  • Graduated from Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, with a Graduate Diploma of Counselling

  • Graduated from Tad James Institute as a certified practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy. 


Spiritual Guidance

Accredited Gydje  

* Licence to perform Nordic weddings in Denmark 

* Voelve (Nordic Shaman) &

  • Accredited and licensed Gydje in Denmark to perform the traditional ceremonies of the old Nordic ways.  

  • Nordic Voelve trained in Nordic Shamanism 

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